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We are your official Pipedrive partner in Canada

With offices in Montreal and Angoulême, TechNuCom is an official Pipedrive partner in Canada, and one of the few in the French-speaking world.

We serve Quebec, France, Belgium and Switzerland with services in French.

We’re not talking about an ultra-complex CRM that requires hours of training.

Nor are we talking about a CRM that employees will drop after a few weeks because the tool is too tedious.

Nor are we talking about a CRM whose implementation and licensing costs are exorbitant.

We’re talking about Pipedrive. Simple. Efficient. Intuitive.

Packed with features, Pipedrive has a single goal: to help you sell more and better!

And all for 35% less than the competition. Unbeatable!

Why Pipedrive?

Well-managed leads

Whether they come from website contact forms or the chatbot, leads land directly in the Pipedrive pipeline. From there, the tool offers a range of features to take prospects from stage to stage in the sales process, right up to the signing of a contract.

Time saved

Automating tasks such as call follow-up, contact synchronization and automatic e-mails frees up time to concentrate on what’s really important: selling. And when these functions are docked to specialized process automation robots like Microsoft’s Power Automate, the possibilities become infinite.

Well-honed mechanics

A visual interface that tells you what to do, when to do it, tools and reports for continuous improvement.

As an official Pipedrive partner, TechNuCom is offering a free trial of the platform. Click here to try it for yourself, or contact us to confirm that Pipedrive is the right CRM for your business.

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