A tailor-made API:
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Overcoming Data Disconnection with Integrated Software Solutions

In almost all companies, the issue is the same: over the years, the organization has accumulated a series of software programs that work well, but don’t talk to each other: the accounting software doesn’t communicate with the inventory management system; the Excel file used to track accounts receivable doesn’t automatically generate reminder e-mails; the ERP software doesn’t exchange any data with the CRM, and so on. In short, it’s the realm of double data entry and administrative inefficiencies.

Replacing such software with an integrated solution like Odoo would be ideal. But if this isn’t an option due to lack of budget or time, there’s an alternative that doesn’t require the opening of a construction site.

The solution: develop small, tailor-made APIs to act as connectors between existing systems

We used to call them “middleware”; today, a modest API in the cloud environment, often associated with a small robot, introduces interoperability capabilities that normally only large systems possess.

The logic behind these PLCs is simple:

  1. Data from a first system is retrieved in a non-programming, non-intrusive way, via text exports or automated on-screen data entry.
  2. This data is then processed and converted according to the defined business logic.
  3. They are then fed back into the other system.
  4. The whole process is executed in real time, boosting employee productivity tenfold

It’s highly likely that some of your processes could be made more efficient if two or more of your IT systems could exchange information. Contact us to discuss this. We’d be delighted to discuss the benefits of using an API with you.

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We’d be delighted to discuss the benefits of using an API with you.