Exploring what’s new in Odoo 17? A user-focused interface overhaul

Exploring What's New in Odoo 17? A User-Focused Interface Overhaul

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In November of last year, Odoo 17 introduced a comprehensive selection of enhancements, with a primary focus on refining the overall user experience and fostering intuitive interactions. The TechNuCom team immersed itself in the subject to check whether the result lived up to the promises and benefits this version could bring our customers.

So, over a period of several months, we examined the main updates to the various modules we use on a daily basis for our projects in Quebec.

General Module

Starting with some general functions, Odoo 17’s new UI Design stands out. It has to be said that we’ve been waiting for a refresh of the interface for some time now. Beyond simply the look, the contribution of the new design is to improve the usability of the system for a better user experience. The chatter feature sees improvements with note and message translations, fostering effective multilingual communication. For those who have already taken the leap into AI for content generation, they will appreciate that the editor integrates ChatGPT in Powerbox, bringing AI-driven content generation through the /ChatGPT shortcut.

Dashboards Module

The latest Odoo 17 update brings notable enhancements to the dashboards module. As promised, users can now create blank dashboards directly from the dashboards configuration. But our favorite feature is undoubtably the introduction of dashboard sharing, which allows users to easily share their dashboards with clients or colleagues, thus fostering collaborative data visualization. A small but practical detail: a “year-to-date” filter has been incorporated for a more focused and relevant analysis of data trends throughout the year.

Chatter Module

These new updates have also improved the chatter module which we use greatly in  TechNuCom projects, and which we have extensively modified for certain customers to support the work of agents carrying out BPO tasks. The new organization of functions in the options menu will make work more efficient. A number of new features have been added with the same efficiency in mind: users can now pin messages for quick access, and Odoo 17 introduced the option to share screen and video simultaneously in virtual meetings.

eLearning Module

Generally speaking, the eLearning module is the one we customize the least, as the default version usually meets the needs of  TechNuCom customers very well. We were therefore a little skeptical when the redesign was announced. However, we were pleasantly surprised as the changes made, while not revolutionary, make the registration and learning process much smoother. It should also be noted that now, users can set multiple correct answers in quizzes, and the introduction of prerequisite courses enhances learning progression. Attendees can conveniently resume courses for a seamless learning journey, while section durations provide visibility for better time management. These improvements reinforce our feeling that Odoo’s eLearning module remains one of the most versatile and user-friendly educational platforms.

Recruitment Module

We’ve implemented the recruitment module several times, and the few improvements which have been made are useful: with integrated appointments, users can seamlessly schedule and view meetings on applicant profiles; communication is streamlined by blacklisting email providers to ensure accurate contact information; improved access to chatter functionality for interviewers enhances collaboration.  The new SMS feature in list view also improves communication, contributing to a more efficient recruitment workflow. Overall, these are some good improvements.

Spreadsheet Module

We at  TechNuCom, and some of our customers, are true Excel champions who have already found an excellent ally in Odoo. Indeed, Odoo – which already stands out from all its competitors for the ease with which you can create pivot tables to extract data directly from the database into Excel – has just boosted its spreadsheets module: users can now leverage 30 new multi-cell array functions for improved data manipulation and share spreadsheets with collaborators, both internal and external. Smart Charts 2.0 automates table identification, streamlining label/data series setup for enhanced visualization and Odoo formulas are integrated into the function menu. Their feedback is unambiguous: these updates help make Odoo 17’s spreadsheet module one of the most powerful on the market for processing, analyzing and sharing data via Excel.

In conclusion, the Belgian Odoo team had prepared for the release of version 17 with much fanfare. It’s well deserved, objectively speaking. Congratulations!

By Renato Cudicio,
President of TechNuCom

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