Robots, artificial intelligence, and RPA – a few reference points in today’s whirlwind of information

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In less than 288 characters, these tweets I published in the last few weeks highlight weak signals and recent milestones on topics ranging from AI applied to security to the future of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and the ethical issues of digital transformation.

>>> Often, we don’t know how to demonstrate, concretely, the benefits of using AI for business. In this Forbes video posted in June 2018, the CEO of Babylon Heath, a US-based AI company, shows the positive impacts of AI in the health sector. To read on Forbes.

>>> Artificial intelligence is making a strong impact in companies through Robotic Process Automation (RPA). As with any new technology, however, failure will result if we overlook the human factor. A must read from InformationWeek.

>>> The near future of robotics is in offices, not in factories! Reality is probably far beyond UiPath’s 6 predictions about Robotic Process Automation (RPA). To read on Information/Age.

>>> Just completed an AI Program at MIT Sloan and discovered Prof. Carnegie Mellon’s Prof. Anita Williams brilliantly describes Woolley Thomas W. Malone’s concept of “Collective Intelligence in Teams”, now enhanced with AI. To watch on YouTube.

>>> Content Intelligence is the new outgrowth of Artificial Intelligence. Is this a viable concept or just another new buzzword? Applied to Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Content Intelligence definitely makes sense. To read on KMWorld.

>>> Security, but also advanced machine-human interactions, will rely on facial recognition. The top 5 emerging markets, according to Abishur Prakash, futurologist in a Toronto-based lab. To read on Robotics Business Review.

>>> Even though I’m not a robotics evangelist, I often talk about the benefits of AI. However, we shouldn’t forget that the Dark side of the Force is threatening our critical infrastructure. Let’s also be prepared for this. To read on New Atlanticist.

>>> Too often, stakeholders promote AI projects–including RPA initiatives–in moonshots. Tom Davenport brings us back to earth. To read on SearchEnterpriseAI.

>>> A great introduction to the impacts, benefits and challenges of introducing robots (RPA) in accounting and insurance services, by Prof. Paul Lin of Wright State University in the American CPA Journal.

>>> Predictably, AI is number #1 on the list of human capital management predictions for 2019 by Workforce Institute, the Kronos-sponsored think tank. To read on the Workforce Institute Website.

>>> Sociologist Antonio A. Casilli’s book, published by Éditions du Seuil, highlights the hidden side of artificial intelligence and the emergence of impostors who expertly surf the wave of robotization. A good read for the New Year. To read on du Seuil Website.

>>> A French think tank about digital transformation provides sobering insights into human-data interactions, a subset of human-machine interactions, in the context of understanding the algorithms used by artificial intelligences. In French on the Blog of Le Monde.

>>> Beyond buzzwords, acronyms reveal emerging trends: e.g. IRPA (Intelligent Robotic Process Automation), which differentiates itself from RPA, as many question the–admittedly often unclear–presence of AI in these robots.  To read on ITforBusiness (In French)

>>> In a context of increased risks of cyber-aggression, Lukas Trakimavičius makes a clear plea for enhanced cyber-security of the energy infrastructures of European NATO countries. To read on New Atlanticist.

>>> Only 8% of businesses will survive the era of digital transformation without making drastic changes to their business model (McKinsey). This article highlights how urgent the situation is. To read on McKinsey Website.

>>> Great presentation by Duncan Stewart, Director of research at Deloitte Canada, with his annual predictions for 2019. Highlights: 5G is coming to Canada… slowly! AI usage will grow through the cloud, and IP sensitive businesses should prepare for quantum computers. To read on Deloitte canada Website.

>>> Willy-nilly, AI is entering businesses through management systems. In the face of change, will we choose to be passive or proactive? The choice is ours. A must read (in French). To read on LinkedIn.

>>> As stated by DTCC’s CEO at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has a great future in financial services, and systematic User Centric Design could answer his concerns regarding the client. To read on the World Economic Forum Website

>>> In preparing for 2020 Olympics, Japan’s National Police Agency is implementing AI systems, learning from previous terrorist attacks around the world to analyse suspicious behaviors, even if it is not yet clear how useful AI will be.

>>> AI on the battlefield: DARPA and the Marines have successfully experimented an AI situational awareness solution that combines cybernetics, physical assets and threat detection, from friendly robots to hostile drones. To read on MeriTalk.

>>> No doubt, security autonomous robots–running a batch of mission critical systems–will directly benefit from LF Edge. Let’s hope we won’t have to wait too long to see the outcome of this project! To read on ZDnet.

>>> MILA, a research organisation where universities and businesses meet, inaugurates a new office in the heart of the Mile-Ex, Montreal’s techno-trendy district that aims to become the Silicon Valley of the North. (In French) To read on Université de Montréal Website.

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