TechNuCom, RPA Specialist

While some integrators offer numerous RPA technologies, TechNuCom has, since its inception, chosen to specialize and distribute only two: that of UiPath, world leader in the sector, and of Softomotive, the sector’s challenger.

Thousands of companies and hundreds of governmental organizations from around the world have chosen these technologies for their flexibility and reliability, promoting:

  • Their intuitive tools
  • The flexible technology
  • The development speed and fluidity
  • The introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning into their ecosystem

TechNuCom offers a complete range of tailor-made services to support companies in their automation process:

  • Technical and financial feasibility study
  • Business needs analysis and process modeling
  • Robot configuration
  • Training, support and maintenance
  • Turnkey installation
  • Sale of licenses or rental of robots

We install robots supervised by humans (installed directly on the user’s workstation) or fully autonomous robots (installed on a server or in the cloud).

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