Speaking Business Instead of Programming

Pipedrive, the most efficient CRM on the market, is a 100% cloud Web solution, completely independent of programming language barriers.

Pipedrive’s API interacts with any internal or external system in place at your company to feed the CRM with data and, alternatively, to generate data to be used by those systems.

Few cases therefore require development.

But should development be required, for example to create a web form to feed the CRM, we have chosen to work exclusively with two almost opposite technological worlds that allow us to meet different needs: the LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) and the.NET stack.

In these two worlds, PHP and .Net, we then selected mature, well documented and well supported applications, which we will be able to customize and implement for our customers with peace of mind. We are talking about solutions like WooCommerce for WordPress and RPA robots that blend perfectly into the Microsoft environment.

Regarding front-end development, we rely on Bootstrap, jQuery and AngularJS.

Equipped with these technological tools, and knowing that the future lies in the development of APIs, middleware and the use of non-intrusive robots, we can meet almost all of our clients’ expectations.

Want to know more about RPA robots and how they can make your business more efficient? Write to us, we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss it.