Mailigen: the Email Marketing Tool Converting Leads in Pipedrive

Mailigen is the email marketing solution natively integrated with Pipedrive CRM. Comparable to the email marketing giant Mailchimp, Mailigen offers the advantage of allowing you to send email campaigns to your Pipedrive contacts and funnel the generated business opportunities directly into your pipeline.

How does Mailigen converts emails into Pipedrive leads?

5 key concepts make Mailigen the best email marketing tool for business development in Pipedrive:

Leads Conversion. By tracking of email open rates and clicks on outbound links, Mailigen automatically creates a deal and an activity in Pipedrive when a contact regularly interacts with marketing campaigns. Mailigen helps you nurture your leads by sending a notification directly to Pipedrive when a lead becomes qualified for contact by a salesperson.

Contact segmentation. The tool allows contacts to be segmented in Pipedrive based on custom fields and stages in a pipeline. These dynamic recipient lists only have to be configured once and will then be updated in real time in Mailigen.

Email customization. Thanks to the seamless integration between Pipedrive and Mailigen, including the information contained in custom fields, email customization has never been so easy.

Streamlined campaign automation. Visually and intuitively designed, the editing tool offers users the ability to modify existing templates or easily create custom automated campaigns.

For which companies is Mailigen intended?

Email newsletters, promotional flyers and automated reminders can represent significant investments for businesses at a time when email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tactics. On the other hand, ROI can sometimes be disappointing when prospects and customers fail to engage with marketing campaigns.

By leveraging Pipedrive’s ease of use and advanced capabilities, Mailigen is intended for companies of any size who wish to improve their lists’ engagement rate so as to increase their conversion rate of leads into prospects.

As an official Mailigen & Pipedrive partner, TechNuCom offers you a free trial of the platform. Click here to give it a try or contact us to confirm whether Mailigen is the right marketing tool for your company.


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