The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

Some agencies pride themselves on having only full-time employees in their offices to handle their clients’ projects… Not us. At TechNuCom, we are proud to have nomadic geeks working everywhere, on a beach in Mauritius, in the shade of a coconut tree in Costa Rica or Chile, but also in our offices on Saint-Denis Street or in a nice café in Montreal’s Mile-End district.

Expertise knows no borders and, around a hard core based in Montreal, we have built – in twenty years of international project management – a network of exceptional collaborators that allows us, thanks to the different time zones, to operate almost 24 hours a day. With these professionals around the world, we can be competitive in terms of time and price while offering very high-quality standards. Can you see the difference between a good line of code written in Quebec and a good line of code written in Santiago or Port-Louis? No? Neither do we, and God knows we are attentive to detail. So why deprive ourselves of these resources when with Zoom, Dropbox and Jira we feel like we are working in the same room.

The keys to the success of marketing and technology projects are identical:

  • understand the needs of customers (there is always more than one) and therefore know how to listen with modesty;
  • manage the project as if our life depended on it;
  • assume that a team is more effective than an individual;
  • and consider that the smallest detail deserves our attention.

It’s simple, basically. This philosophy, Renato Cudicio, founder of TechNuCom, has successfully applied it in the various companies he has managed and it serves as a mantra for the team that forms the heart of TechNuCom.