Gain efficiency with Odoo, the ERP for SMEs

Take your digital transformation to the next level with the Odoo system, the most user-friendly ERP for SMBs on the market.

Odoo allows you to manage all your operations from a single ERP. And all this without investing a fortune in a system as complex to operate as an aircraft carrier like are the SAP, Sage or Netsuite ERPs. A dream? Not anymore.

Odoo connects your different departments to propel your productivity:

  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Quotes and orders
  • Points of sale and direct sales
  • E-commerce
  • Distribution
  • Delivery
  • Human resources
  • Accounting

With its many specialized applications and the possibility to develop custom ones, Odoo’s Open Source model allows the ERP to adapt to your industry and your company.

Why is Odoo the best ERP for SMB

In recent years, Odoo has become the ERP of choice for small and medium enterprises. With its 5 million users worldwide and its thousands of applications, Odoo has become the most complete and user-friendly ERP system on the market.

Odoo’s Open Source model, combined with particularly competitive licensing costs for businesses, makes it a solution as flexible as it is attractive when it comes to making the leap to get rid of its myriad of software that doesn’t communicate, or communicates poorly.

TechNuCom is your ERP resource in Quebec. With our Belgian partners (Odoo’s head office is in Belgium), we can help you plan your migration, configure Odoo, and then train your team.

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