Evolve or Die:
Digital Transformation

A holistic approach to technologies allows the maximization of each of them

The use of a CRM or an ERP-type integrated management system nowadays goes hand in hand with a well-thought-out digital strategy. To ensure that the pipeline is always full of opportunities, as well as to make the best use of the teleworking possibilities offered by new software, you need a 3600 view of your technological environment, that of your customers and that of your suppliers.

The implementation of a CRM is also part of a proactive digital marketing strategy aimed at generating leads via search engines and social networks. An ERP system, such as software robots or simple APIs to exchange information, are tools to enhance your productivity.

We assist our clients in analyzing their digital transformation and online marketing strategy to identify how to get the best return on investment: optimize sales by leveraging existing tools (promotional websites, transactional sites, email marketing) and social media and/or by integrating a CRM, and reduce operational costs through automation and an integrated management system (ERP).

e-Commerce & CRM

What makes us unique: >>

No one can master all technologies.
We have therefore chosen to limit ourselves to a few technologies that are leaders in e-commerce and CRM.
Then we became champions in these technologies!

Web Application Development

What makes us unique: >>

Experience. We have been fortunate to lead the development of small and large systems, in small and large organizations, with and without specifications, in B2B and B2C in sectors as varied as the insurance and art sectors, with small and large budgets. In short, experience….

Website Design & Programming

What makes us unique: >>

We believe that good design is, above all, design that meets the company’s business objectives. UX and usability are therefore our watchwords.
And for the TechNuCom team, technology is also at the service of business objectives, not the other way around.

Branding & Marketing Strategy

What makes us unique: >>

Three decades of experience and a keen understanding, as entrepreneurs ourselves, of the business realities and challenges faced by companies.
At TechNuCom, no empty theories. Nothing but practical solutions.

Social Media & SEO

What makes us unique: >>

As for good food and communication on social networks, the recipe for excellence is the same: a fine-balancing of high-quality ingredients.
Then, a lot of passion and a little patience to see results.

Content Production

What makes us unique: >>

We love to play with words.
We are passionate about images.
We are fond of video.
But loving is not enough to be good. The secret is work. At TechNuCom, we refine the quality of content and work to improve our art.