Boost your Sales with the CRM Pipedrive – the Champion of Automation

TechNuCom is the only official partner of Pipedrive in Canada and one of the few in Francophone countries. We offer services in English and French in Quebec and across Canada, in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

This is not an overly complex CRM that requires hours of training.
Nor a CRM that employees will find cumbersome and loose interest for.
Nor is it a CRM with exorbitant licensing and implementation costs.

What it is is Pipedrive. Simple. Effective. Intuitive.
With numerous features designed by salespeople for salespeople, Pipedrive has one goal: helping you sell more.
All this at a cost 35% lower than its competitors. Unbeatable!

Why Pipedrive?

Well-managed prospects. Whether they come from website contact forms or a chatbot, prospects land directly in the Pipedrive pipeline. Once in the pipeline, Pipedrive’s customizable functionalities will help you move prospects step-by-step along the sales process up to contract signature.

Time saved. Automating tasks such as call tracking, contact synchronization or automatic emails free up time to focus on the essentials: selling. And when these functions are linked to robots specialized in process automation such as those of UiPath, the possibilities become infinite.

A well-tried technology. A visual interface that shows what to do, when to do it, as well as tools and reports to continuously improve.

Take advantage of our official Pipedrive partnership with a free-trial. Click here to start the free-trial or contact us to confirm that Pipedrive is the right CRM for your company.

Pipedrive is new to you and you want more information? You already use Pipedrive and would like advice and support? Please send us a message!

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