Automate and Robotize to Increase Organizational Efficiency

Our definition of RPA perfectly explains the role and benefits of these new robots:

“Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that uses software robots capable of performing, at very high speed and without error, the majority of the repetitive tasks that humans perform on the computer. » (Renato Cudicio, 2019)

How many hours are wasted each week copying and pasting in forms, generating reports from scattered data, sorting emails or entering invoices into the accounting system? How many? Dozens? Hundreds?

An RPA-type robot, such as that of WinAutomation by Microsoft, can execute tasks faster, at a fraction of the cost, and with military precision. While leaving the management of exceptions to humans (exceptions being more complex and interesting), the robot can handle almost all of the information processing that employees do in the company’s various departments: finance, accounting, marketing, purchasing, HR, customer service, etc.

Inexpensive, very fast to implement and, in addition, non-intrusive (we do not interfere with the systems and technologies in place), RPA-type robots – in some cases with AI vitamins – are revolutionizing the world of work.

TechNuCom distributes and configures two types of robots: human supervised robots (installed directly on the user’s workstation) and fully autonomous robots (hosted on a server or in the cloud).

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